About me

Photo by Turin mamma. In the Monferrato countryside.
               In the Monferrato countryside

Hello, my name is Rosemarie and welcome to my website. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia but I’ve called baroque Turin home for almost eight years now. I live in this beautiful but relatively undiscovered northwestern corner of Italy with my husband, Turin Papà (TP) and my daughter, Turin Toddler (TT).

I’ve had the writing bug since my mum caught me scribbling on the couch as a toddler. These days, I enjoy writing about food and cooking.  I love the cuisine of my adopted region and thoroughly enjoy recipe-hunting and researching the origins of Piedmontese and other regional dishes. My sources of inspiration are a mixed bag: my own family (I’m of mixed Calabrese-Sicilian heritage),  my husband’s family (originally from the Monferrato region of Piedmont), my local macellaio di fiducia (‘trusted butcher’) and the contadini (farmers) at my neighbourhood market. As an Arts degree holder and lover of history though, I do make a point  of checking what the historians have to say about a recipe’s backstory too.  Sometimes, it’s not what we’ve been led to believe. Check out Ice-cream: the ultimate status symbol for an example of myth purporting to be history.

If you wish to get in contact with me, please don’t hesitate to fill in this form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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